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How to measure what size will fit me?

To know your size you, take some measuring tape and measure from the tip of your nose to the base/tip of your chinbone. If this is between 9-12cm, we recommend the large mask, if it is between 6-9cm, we recommend the small mask. When the distance is around 9cm, you should make an assessment on your nose and face size. Rounder/larger noses and faces will probably work better with the large mask, smaller/thinner noses and faces will probably work better with the small mask.

How quickly will you ship?

All products that are in stock ship out within 2 days and to most countries we have 2-3 day delivery once shipped out, yet with the current COVID-19 crisis, delivery may take a little longer than the usual delivery times mentioned upon checkout due to delays at the logistics company.

Where are you based and where will you ship from?

We are based in Brussels, Belgium, but also have an partner office in Hong Kong. Orders will be shipped worldwide from warehouses in Amsterdam, Los Angeles and Hong Kong depending on from where we can deliver the fastest to your address.

To what countries do you ship?

We usually ship worldwide but since delivery is very unpredictable to some destinations nowadays, we limited our sales to the countries where we feel confident we can ensure delivery within 10-15 days maximum.

Are the masks certified?
The masks are certified as a class A daily protective mask according to standard GB/T 32610-2016 also known as KN95 standard. This standard is internationally recognized and comparable with the American N95 standard or the European FFP2 standard and requires that 95% of all particles of 0.3 micron or larger are filtered by the mask. Filtration standard test report . Be aware that the masks do not hold official NIOSH or N95 medical mask certification and are therefore not recognized as medical masks. Therefore they cannot be used in health care environments.

Can I machine wash the masks?

Preferably not. We advise to rinse them each night by hand with some warm water, and rubbing them with a drop of dishwashing soap and let them dry overnight. For quick desinfection without getting the masks wet, you can also just spray the inside and outside of the mask with some 70+% alcohol.

How long will the masks last?

As long as the breathability of the mask doesn't decline it can be used. The filter efficiency may degrade after some months of intensive use.

Are the materials organic?

No, masks completely made out of natural fibres usually have bad filter capacity and are also prone to bacteria. Our mix of fabrics is synthetic yet is eco-friendly as they are made of recycled plastics and fabrics. The inner layer actually feels very cotton-like as it is made from recycled cotton.

What are your terms of service, refund and shipping policies?

You can find our policies here:

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