Technical specifications of cuvcov masks


  • Small version: 13.5x12cm
  • Normal version: 16.5x14cm
  • check our size guide in the FAQ to know what model would fit you best



  • outer layer: antibacterial recycled polyester/spandex mix
  • middle layer: 3 layer non-woven nanofabric filter material
  • inner layer: ReVisco rayon made from recycled cotton fibre
  • valve: ABS resin with silicone stopper



  • 15x20cm biodegradable ziplock pouch


Filter performance and standards

  • 96.6% of 0.3 micrometer particles
  • class A of GB/T32610-2016 standard (KN95 standard)
  • comparable to American N95 / European FFP2 standards
  • NOTE: cuvcov is marketed for general use directly to consumers and is NOT CERTIFIED by NIOSH/CDC/NPPTL for workplace where an OSHA Compliant respiratory protection program to include Fit Testing on each individual is required
  • filtration test report

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