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The 'Grainy' cuvcov face cover with exhalation valve is ideal for persons who have to wear a face cover very often, also during physical activities as it offers better breathing comfort and gets the warm air out much easier.  It doesn't filter the air you breathe out so be aware you don't protect the people around you with it when you'd be sick yourself.

  • Exhalation valve improves breathing comfort
  • 95% BFE/VFE multi-layer built-in filter blocks out 95% of particles larger than 0.3 micron such as dust, pollen, smog and most bacteria and viruses.
  • Soft fabric made of recycled plastic bottles and recycled cotton.
  • Washable and reusable you can easily wash your 'cuvcov' and use it again the next day, no additional filters needed
  • Adjustable nosebridge and earloop make this face cover fit well for everyone
  • Available in  two sizes: a small version and normal version.  Check our size guide on our FAQ page
  • Ships to most countries in 2-3 days from our warehouses in Los Angeles, Amsterdam and Hong Kong (depending on your location)
  • We donate one face cover to someone in underserved communities that needs one for every cuvcov you buy.

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